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In 1994, this company began from humble beginnings. The owner, Dan George, worked from his garage and began wiring houses for one builder.  One builder became two and his reputation exceeded him allowing the business to grow. In 1996, the garage no longer met the needs of the operation and so it relocated to an office building.  That year the company also incorporated.  In 2003, the company outgrew its facility and relocated to its current building.

While one truck expanded to 6 and one man grew to 15, the foundation on which the original dream was founded has not changed; perform every job to the best of your ability and your performance will develop growth personally, as well as in the market.  For over 10 years the company has enjoyed the benefits of recognition in the community through the recommendations of its customers. We have not advertised or marketed the company to expand growth, just been rewarded with one job after another.

We live in an ever-changing world where today's homes carry more electrical requirements than ever before. We are committed to fulfilling our duties while maintaining the integrity of our core value: our commitment to providing excellence to our customers.We strive to satisfy the needs of our customers through unparalleled distinction.
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