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What makes us different? We boost our customer’s profit potential. In this tightening market of rising prices and steep competition; efficiency determines profitability.

We accomplish this through effective communication, quality product installation, and knowledgeable crews at a competitive price. We understand the vital aspect of communication between our company and our customers. We view it as the foundation of the relationship. Keeping everyone informed of job statuses allows for improved efficiency. We also install reliable products which minimize callbacks and promote customer service and loyalty. Our skilled crews consistently perform and are accountable for their craftsmanship.

GECI Van PhotoGeorge Electrical Contracting performs jobs with detailed precision, thus freeing our customers to concentrate on profitability and forward progression rather than missed schedules, change orders and lost profits. We maximize the bottom line of our customers through the combination of these elements. We take into account the total costs of our customers and uphold consistency.

Let our team maximize your profit potential.

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